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The holistic approach means that nothing happens in isolation ~  
We will look for root causes and work with your whole body & being.
We draw on physiological design from science, nature and evolution for protecting and preserving the seeds of humankind.



We are constantly learning and live what we teach! We are committed to finding the latest research and making it accessible to you.


About Beatrice

Beatrice has over a decade of clinical experience in functional nutrition. During this time of treating everything from autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, she became more and more aware of the factors impacting the fertility of couples. She followed her passion and was certified as a Fertility Awareness Educator and Reproductive Health Coach (The Well; 2019, registered with AFAP). She has since switched her primary focus to supporting folks with hormone balance, natural contraception, preparing for pregnancy and those trying to conceive. 

Beatrice’s previous qualification and experience in pharmacy gives her an insider view at bridging the divide between allopathic (traditional, western medicine) and holistic (functional, naturopathic medicine) approaches to healing. When necessary, she will work with and refer to other practitioners in a variety of fields from fertility doctors to acupuncturists.

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She also has a personal history with challenges to fertility, giving her an understanding of the emotional and even traumatic impacts of this experience. She is pursuing training in trauma-informed therapy. 


Beatrice also has over a decade of experience as a chef and restaurant owner, paying homage to her love of creating nourishing meals. She has also worked as a teacher (food science, maths literacy) and now fuels her passion for educating into teaching body literacy. She is a multi-talented woman and has dedicated her long career to learning and education. 

Qualifications, Courses & Certifications

  • BSc Nutritional Medicine, Thames Valley University, 2010

  • Dip. Pharmacy, Durban University of Technology, 1979

  • Fertility Awareness & Reproductive Health, The Well: School of Body Literacy, 2019

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, The Institute for Functional Medicine, 2012

  • Depression, Anxiety and the Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiota, Dr Jason Hawrelak, University of Tasmania, 2019

  • Treating Infertility, Kharrazian Institute, 2020

  • Autoimmune Fertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Dr Jacklyn Chasse: Smeaton Healthy Seminars, 2020

  • The Reproductive Microbiome, Invivo laboratory / Leah Hechtman, 2021

  • The Vaginal Microbiome in Health and Disease, Dr Jason Hawrelak, University of Tasmania, 202

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About Nicola

Nicola is a gentle activist, creative and mother. She is a certified Menstruality Mentor and since 2015 has dedicated her working life to the feminine leadership movement. Her background in politics, environmental sciences and planning gives her a broad perspective on how macro-scale systems (e.g global food and medical industries) impact individuals and the power of individual actions to enact change in our communities.


Nicola is the creative and organisational force behind Natural Fertility. 


In early 2018, Nicola experienced a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. This traumatic life event was the catalyst that began her own work in healing her body, her ancestral lineage and truly embodying a cycle-centric lifestyle. She has worked through all the practices offered here and, in 2020, gave birth to a healthy baby. 


For Nicola, her family is the primary space of activism. Her work outside of Natural Fertility is that of daily environmentalism: creating content and providing leadership on topics such as eco-parenting, living gently with the earth, and self & community care in the face of global crises and much more. 

Qualifications, Courses & Certifications

  • BSocSci Environmental & Geographical Sciences and Political Studies, University of Cape Town 2012

  • Masters in City & Regional Planning, University of Cape Town, 2014S &

  • Forest of the Wild Feminine,, 2015

  • Cultivating Women’s Leadership, Bioneers, 2017

  • Being Fully Human: Racism is Conscious Communities, Kopanya Institute, 2019

  • Tarot Card Reading, Self Taught

  • Essential Oils for Abundant Living, Dr Eric Zielinski, 2018

  • Natal Chart Astrology, School of Intuitive Healing, 2019

  • Herbal Medicine, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, 2019

  • Menstruality Leadership Programme, Red school, 2020

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