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Body Literacy

Body literacy basics is just what you need to get started! In this 75 minute audio-visual presentation we cover some of modern myths around menstruation, the emerging truths and how to start caring for your magnificent cycling body.


I'm ready to learn the language of my body!

Detailed Information

This is your introduction into body literacy and menstrual cycle awareness. If you’re completely new to these topics then please join us for this affordable and accessible offering. This is a great resource for parents, educators and coaches.


The audio-video presentation was recorded by Nicola and includes commentary from a council of other wise humans. There is an accompanying e-book with additional resources.

We’ll cover:


  • Modern myths of the menstrual cycle and emerging truths

  • Cycle anatomy and physiology 

  • Indicators of healthy cycle

  • Intro to hormone balance 

  • Alternative menstrual products

  • Mindful cycle practices


Please consider paying what you can afford and passing it on. Everyone deserves access to this information!

A pre-recorded video and e-book designed get you body literate
DURATION: 75 minutes
PRICE: $55 / R500
  • We’ve been trying to conceive for a while, is this for us?"
    We recommend doing our TTC program if you have been TTC for 3 months or more, if you have a history of pregnancy loss, or if you have any major underlying health challenges that may impact fertility: PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhea, autoimmune diseases, digestive tract issues (IBS,SIBO, leaky gut (permeable gut syndrome), etc)
  • We’re currently planning or undergoing IVF treatment, can we do this alongside?"
    Yes. This is a great accompaniment to IVF or IUI treatment to improve egg and sperm and optimise outcomes. It’s the perfect introduction to bringing some natural diet and lifestyle factors into your life if this is all new to you. We may also recommend the TTC program.
  • Do you offer continued support through pregnancy and postpartum?
    Yes. Once you’re part of our Thriving Health Community we are here to serve you through all stages of life, from menarche through motherhood and into menopause. We will also support you through any pregnancy loss that may occur.
  • I’m planning to freeze my eggs, is this for me?"
    Yes. Egg health is so essential, whatever path you are on. If you have little to no symptoms of hormonal imbalance and are on a path of natural living then this is perfect for you. If you experience more serious symptoms we may rather recommend the TTC program
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