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Break up with Birth Control

Are you done with pharmaceutical birth control but afraid of what happens next? This program will support you transitioning off synthetic hormones and reconnecting with your natural cycle. 


Your cycle is the fifth vital sign!

Detailed Information

Synthetic hormones work by switching off the entire endocrine hormonal system. We support your right to ovulate and menstruate! You have options and we can help...


Whether you’re using pharmaceutical hormones for contraception, symptom management or both; we will walk alongside you as we uncover root cause challenges and invest in long term solutions. 


Whether you want to transition off slowly, book your IUD removal, or you’ve already stopped. We’ve got you! 

What's included

  • Detailed medical history to identify causes and links

  • Get started with your cycle charting practice 

  • Recommendations for and interpretation of pathology testing (blood tests etc)

  • Bio-individual nutritional support, including recipes and meal planning guidance

  • Targeted supplement recommendations 

  • Access to our Natural Contraception course

    • Male & Female anatomy & physiology

    • Your fertility indicators

    • Confirming ovulation & identifying the fertile window

    • Sex and your cycle

 3x1:1 consults plus the Natural Contraception course
DURATION: 3 sessions in 2-3 months
PRICE: $440 / R4400

Terms and Conditions

Holistic healing is a process that takes time for you to implement and for the body to show results. Three months is the minimum timeframe for working with hormones.

This program is not comprehensive and we may recommend continuing with consultations after completion of these 3 sessions.

We are happy to work alongside other practitioners and make recommendations where applicable


Holistic healing is ultimately your responsibility and we cannot guarantee successful outcomes.


This is a 3-part program and payment can be done in one or two installments. A non-refundable deposit of 60% must be paid prior to the first consultation.

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