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Cycle Coaching

Do you want to work with your cycle rather than against it? Are you longing for a life in flow with your unique creative rhythm? Are you looking for a space to be held in your power?  


Your cycle holds the key to creativity, abundance & flow

The Details

Cycle coaching with Nicola is a space to connect deeply with the wisdom of your own body, the elements and all of nature’s rhythms. She is a certified Menstruality Mentor, holds degrees in environmental science and politics and is passionate about bringing humans back into connection with nature. Nicola is a mother, an environmentalist and gentle activist. She will support you in centering your body and your home as the primary place for fundamental political change. 


Cycle coaching is whatever you need it to be!

We can chat about...

  • What is cycle awareness and how to use it in your own life 

  • The creative process and the abundance of your cycle

  • Hormone-friendly lifestyle tips

  • Fertility awareness chart check-ins

  • Scheduling rest

  • Personalised rituals, affirmations & mantras

  • Spirituality, nature wisdom, eco-activism 

  • Feminine leadership and amplifying your power

Personal coaching designed to support you and your cycle
Please contact for the latest prices

Terms and Conditions

Payment can be done in one or two instalments. A non-refundable deposit of 60% must be paid prior to  the first consult. For South African discount to apply you must have a South African bank account and pay via EFT. 


New clients must book the minimum of 2 sessions within 2 months. Thereafter sessions may be booked individually.

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