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Natural Contraception

Did you know your body has a built-in contraceptive method? You are not fertile everyday of your cycle and you can learn your signs of fertility! 

Our Natural Contraception course teaches a symptothermal method of fertility awareness, which has been found to be up to 99.6% effective when taught by a qualified instructor.

H A P P Y  C O M M U N I T Y

I really appreciate the quality of knowledge in this course. Fertility Awareness is starting to become a buzz-topic on social media in the wellness space and there is some misinformation out there. I'm really glad that I signed up for this course and have your support to help take the guess-work out of natural contraception

Keren, 26

from Cape Town, South Africa

Detailed Information

There are several methods that fall under the umbrella term of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs). Each has its own way of identifying the fertile time in the menstrual cycle. A symptothermal method uses three bio-indicators (cervical mucous, cervical position and basal body temperature) to determine the level of fertility on any given day. This is not the rhythm method (calendar or algorithm) which uses a calculation rule to determine the fertile window.

We know that bodies are unique and cycles are not computers, which is why we need daily data when determining something as important as avoiding pregnancy!

Course outline

  • Introduction to Fertility Awareness Methods: the science and history

  • Female and male reproductive anatomy

  • The fertility indicators

  • Identifying the fertile and infertile times in your cycle

  • Sex and your cycle (including use of barrier and withdrawal methods)

  • Charting for health: intro to balancing your hormones naturally

What's included

  • 6­-8 hours of video, audio and written content for you to work through at your own pace

  • 2 x 1:1 live video calls to check in with you directly

  • Regular email check­ins to make sure you are on track

  • Email support throughout the course and beyond

  • Access to alumni benefits: eg live group sessions

Not included: Basal body thermometer

A self-paced course with personal support so you can avoid pregnancy naturally
Price: Please contact for latest prices and payment plans
  • We’ve been trying to conceive for a while, is this for us?"
    We recommend doing our TTC program if you have been TTC for 3 months or more, if you have a history of pregnancy loss, or if you have any major underlying health challenges that may impact fertility: PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhea, autoimmune diseases, digestive tract issues (IBS,SIBO, leaky gut (permeable gut syndrome), etc)
  • We’re currently planning or undergoing IVF treatment, can we do this alongside?"
    Yes. This is a great accompaniment to IVF or IUI treatment to improve egg and sperm and optimise outcomes. It’s the perfect introduction to bringing some natural diet and lifestyle factors into your life if this is all new to you. We may also recommend the TTC program.
  • Do you offer continued support through pregnancy and postpartum?
    Yes. Once you’re part of our Thriving Health Community we are here to serve you through all stages of life, from menarche through motherhood and into menopause. We will also support you through any pregnancy loss that may occur.
  • I’m planning to freeze my eggs, is this for me?"
    Yes. Egg health is so essential, whatever path you are on. If you have little to no symptoms of hormonal imbalance and are on a path of natural living then this is perfect for you. If you experience more serious symptoms we may rather recommend the TTC program

Terms and Conditions

Natural Contraception is your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any failures, either user-error or method failure.

99.6% is a perfect use rate with abstinence during the fertile window. The typical use rate 98.2% for those with instruction, but this rate may contain flaws. 


This self-paced course is available for 12 months from signing up. If you do not complete the content in that time, you will lose access and your included 1:1 sessions. If you do complete the content you will have lifetime access, for as long the course is available. 


There are certain circumstances where additional follow-ups may be required i.e postpartum, peri-menopause, coming off pharmaceutical birth control or struggling with hormone imbalance 

Payment can be done in one or two instalments. A non-refundable deposit of 60% must be paid prior to receiving content. For South African discount to apply you must have a South African bank account and pay via EFT. 

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