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Postpartum Fertility

There are natural options for postpartum family planning! This package is for parents that want to avoid another pregnancy, space their babies or getting ready to conceive their next. 


This is just what we need!

Detailed Information

This package covers everything you need to understand how your body is functioning postpartum, your natural contraception options, and more!

Did you know that lactational amenorrhea (LAM) can be 98% effective in the first six months postpartum? If using LAM for contraception there are certain practices that should be followed, primarily around breastfeeding and physical closeness to your baby. We’ll give you all the info you need to feel confident in your choices. 


If you are currently pregnant, preparing for or currently in postpartum, this is for you.

What's included

  • A pre-recorded video

    • Breastfeeding & hormones 

    • Natural contraception & baby-spacing

    • Sex in the postpartum

    • Hormone balance & trying to conceive again

  • A Postpartum fertility guide (ebook)

    • Understanding your intentions

    • LAM, condom & withdrawal guidelines

    • Nourishing Postpartum recipes

  • Access to our Natural Contraception course

    • Male & Female anatomy & physiology

    • Your fertility indicators

    • Confirming ovulation & identifying the fertile window

    • Sex and your cycle 

    • Charting for health and hormone balance basics

  • Personal support

    • Digital support from Nicola (cycle coach & mother) & Beatrice (reproductive health coach & fertility awareness educator)

    • 2 x 30minute 1:1 check-ins

A collection of services designed to serve you and your family planning goals post-pregnancy
PRICE: Please contact for latest prices and payment plans

Terms and Conditions

Payment can be done in one, two or three installments. A non-refundable deposit of 60% must be paid prior to receiving any material


The resources provided here are intended to be used together and with the guidance and support of a qualified fertility awareness educator and reproductive health coach. Do not copy or share without permission. 


Natural Contraception is your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any failures, either user-error or method failure. 


This package is available for 12 months from signing up. If you do not complete the content in that time, you will lose access and lose your included 1:1 sessions. If you do complete the content you will have lifetime access, for as long the course is available.

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